140 Mile Stretch,  Serials

140 Mile Stretch: Hopping A Train

As they headed down the corridor, small talk quickly turned to the problem at hand.  “I’m your ally in this Tom, but I can only stick my neck out so far. In order to help you, I need the location.” Tom stopped, “I trust you Phyllis, but only so far.   Where is my only bargaining chip, and I won’t give it away until the last possible minute.”

“She looked at him. “I would ask when is the appropriate time, but in this case, where is the appropriate time is a better question. The President had an altogether different question. Is this about the 140 miles, or about the Presidency?” He laughed.

“You know it’s not power that I’m concerned with Phyllis, and it’s not about a140 mile stretch of land. It’s about saving lives, protecting the country, and stopping a mad man.” They continued on to the underground transport as she responded, “I just wanted to be sure. So, tell me, how did the Secretary Of Agriculture figure out the secret of time travel?”

“Everyone always asked how time travel was possible, or why it couldn’t happen. They should have asked another question, where could it happen?  I found out the answer in the middle of an Earthquake when I saw my Grandfather in the middle of nowhere.” He realized what he had said, but it was too late, not a big deal though. She had a sliver of information now, “So were going to the mountains?” Tom pulled a train ticket out of his pocket, “Actually we’re hopping a train!”

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