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The Flop: Attack

“She likes me? You’re crazy! What’s this niece business? What else don’t I know?” “You are ready for questions two and three, but I fear you are not ready for the first one.”

I should have said something, I didn’t. Instead I went to the store. When I was outside the front door, I heard nothing, I expected loud arguing, but that’s wasn’t their style.

When I returned, I acted like nothing happened, so did they. Well, so did she, Augustus was amused, Jean Luc seemed mad at me. Without words, he made it plain that my actions had angered him. Apparently he had taken a great liking to the Prime Minister.

I was cooking when Camille grabbed an apron. The two observers retired to the porch. “You’ve yet to tell me who’s the one pulling the strings.” “Honestly, we’re not sure. We hope you’re safety will smoke them out.” “Who knows I’m missing?” “Only the ones chasing us. The nation thinks you’re at Camp David with the President and First Lady.”

“How?” “A very good actress that will never win an Oscar, but may win a medal.” She sat down with a strange look on her face. “It’s ok ma’am, we will return you home safely. It’s for your own protection.” The Prime Minister looked at me somewhat distracted. “Of course, I just can’t help but feel that something seems off. What would happen if I was needed right now? What if my country was attacked?”

“Don’t you see Ma’am, it has, when they attacked you, they have threatened the country. Our job is to keep you alive long enough to answer that attack.” She sighed. “My answer as Prime Minister has to be balanced and responsible. As Camille, I want to practice my judo.”

It was then that she proceeded to attack a small table with one kick. I looked at the rubble, then at Augustus, and finally at her. “So you’re Augustus’ niece?” She laughed and left the room.

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