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The Italian Hatmaker: The Flying Swordsman

“He is known as The Flying Swordsman. He works on special projects for The King Of England. Some say he is part of the Royal Family. Either way, he is after you both.” Giuseppe was tempted to think that this was all some exaggeration to scare them, but he could see the fear in Henri’s eyes.

They made it to Champagne before he caught up with them.  It was outside of a little inn kwown as Silent Peace.  Henri had planned to stay there because he liked the name.  Henri was a warrior, but out of necessity, and not choice.  The Flying Swordsman knew that, so he too liked the irony.

The Swordsman did not attack in the night, it would have ended in a very different way than he wanted.  Instead, he waited until the afternoon.  He was positioned in a field adjacent to the inn when he called to them.

“I am the King’s Special Envoy, I request to speak with Henri and his two companions.  I propose a truce.”  Henri didn’t trust him.  “Why would the Flying Swordsman ask for a truce?  Why not attack?  You are rumored to be the greatest swordsmen in two countries.”

“No one is that good, not even me. The Flying Swordsman has two feet, I may leap high, but I cannot soar.  What I can accomplish is a peaceful resolution Henri.”  Henri looked at his two companions, they agreed.

The three walked out to see Sir Robert Clayworth standing before them.  “Like you Henri, I am a servant.  I come, not to seek bloodshed, but a resolution.”  The two soldiers shook hands.  The Princess’ Warrior and The King’s Flying Swordsman started to find out that their goals were  more in line than at first thought.

It was then that a third faction reared it’s head.  The King Of France had his own envoy who was feared throughout France.  He was ready to silence both groups that “were playing in his backyard.”  That is where General Armure came in.

The four found themselves outnumbered by twenty men.  Henri looked at Sir Clayworth.  “I hope that at least some of those myths were true.”  For the first time that day Sir Robert grinned.  “Just a few.”  His sword went hurdling through the air towards one of the General’s men.

Sir Robert leaped into the air lunging at the man.  “You can either escape me or the sword, my friend.  I’m afraid you can’t do both.”  The soldier dodged the sword while Sir Robert hit him, knocking him off the horse.  He caught it at the last moment, and swiveled the horse around to face the General.

“It’s been a few years Zachary, you’ve been promoted I see.”  “Oui, as has your reputation. Do you think that you four can hold twenty of us off?”  “I count 18, if you hadn’t noticed.  I’m not planning on winning though.”  “Then what is your plan?”  “Why to stall of course, they needed time to escape.”

The General looked around to see the three men galloping away on one of the horses that the General’s men had just lost.  Henri also knew how to leap when it was required.

Find out where our friends are going in next month’s installment of The Italian Hatmaker”

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