140 Mile Stretch,  Serials

140 Mile Stretch: Strutting Pigeon

Cameron wasn’t phased.  He was positioned defensively, slumped against the seat.  “Drive, now!”  The cab driver was stunned, but obedient.  “Listen Mister, I don’t know what you’re into, but I’m not interested in getting shot.  I’ll drop you off downtown, in the heart of traffic, but I’m not getting involved.” “Exactly what I was hoping.  The more people see, the better.”

A few minutes later, Cameron was getting out of the cab.  Two seconds later, he was entering a bank.  Five minutes after that, he was coming out of another building several years earlier.  His holographic clothes emitter was working well.  It gave him the uniform of a Union Colonel.  His companion was dressed less technical.

“Colonel, what is the news from the front?”  “Mr. President, it’s going well.  I feel I can say, with confidence, that the Union will win.”  President Lincoln laughed as they were now out of ear shot of the guards.  “I’m sure you do, Colonel, considering it’s history for you.  Why did we have to head for the stables? To extract something for this mission that you told me about?”

“No sir, another operative is doing that.  My job was to bury something here.  You see, the stables won’t always remain here.  The ground though, it’s secure.  I’m not a historian, so I don’t know if you’ve heard the term sitting duck, either way, my job’s a little different.  You might say I’m meant as a strutting pigeon.”

President Lincoln smiled.  “In other words, you think you were followed.  You want them to think that this meeting is more important than it is?”  Cameron nodded.  “Yes sir, and how better to keep someone busy than to meet with one of America’s greatest leaders?”

“You flatter me sir, but tell me, how will I know that if this mission is successful?”  Cameron pointed to the special watch he gave the President.  “If we survive this, that pocket knife will disappear in a week’s time.  If it doesn’t, push the button on the side, and prepare for an unusual vacation.”  The two of them shook hands, and the President left Cameron to bury his bundle.

Meanwhile, a very less obvious operative was having a meeting in another time period.  It also included a member of the Executive Branch, although a less famous one. The result of that meeting would determine the survival of the country.  When it was over, a telegram was sent that contained three words.  “Column Safe Moscow.”

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