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Cambridge’s: Black Eyes Are Better Than Roses

Ashley didn’t see what happened next. She was dazed from the door, plus the somewhat overly hefty lady landing on top of her. When she came too, Winston was sprinkling water in her face. It took her a minute to realize that what she was seeing was accurate. Winston had two black eyes.
“What happened?” “Nothing much, you ok?” She heard a voice from behind her. “Nothing much indeed! Ashley looked to see the woman that landed on her standing over her.
“Your young man is a hero. Two young, arrogant men had decided they were going to rob us. They grabbed me, threw me out the front door. Hit my husband, and were running for the door. Your gentlemen tried to stop them. He wasn’t successful, but he slowed them down until the police came. They picked them up a few meters away.”
“This is Mavis Lane. Her and her husband Neal own this cafe.” It was instinct, Ashley put her hand on his cheek. “Are you ok?” He smiled. “Except for not figuring out how to have a date that doesn’t result in repairs of some kind, I’m ok.” She laughed.
The rest of the night was uneventful. They had a good meal, and he walked her to her car. “I had a good time tonight.” She smiled back. “I did too, although, are you sure it was worth your injuries?”
He smiled back. “Yes I’m sure. I just feel bad that I couldn’t have fixed a proper date for you, candy, flowers, etc. She laughed. “In some cases, black eyes are better than roses.” A kiss later, they said good night.

Check back in June for the next installment of Cambridge’s.

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