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The Flop: Ugroza

“What was his real name?” I went into information gathering mode. Augustus continued. “We never learned it. He was off the grid, apparently this was his first assignment.” 

“What were they after?” Camille looked out the window. “Ironically, it was Project Eagle. We just never knew who wanted the information. They brokered it  to my Uncle’s enemies. Apparently they handled all the ops that way. Faceless, nameless, with a limited reputation.” 

I jumped on the word. “Limited, so they do have one. What is it?” “How’s your Russian? They are called Ugroza.” I laughed, it’s pretty good, but I’m guessing that using the Russian term for menace is to throw people off. Still, it’s a bit dramatic.” 

“Smoke screen. They are famous for the fact that they are not. Everything you think you know about them turns out to be false.” Augustus smiled, then continued.  “This means that you learn, not from what they say, but what they do not.” 

Jean Luc growled.  Camille laughed.  “He’s right Uncle, that isn’t very helpful.”  “Uh-oh!” I mumbled under my breath.  She had just made a mistake that a rookie agent would only make once. 

Camille had underestimated her Uncle. If it were someone else, he would have pounced on the opportunity.  With, what I guessed was his favorite niece, he was just annoyed. Fortunately she realized her mistake and attempted to correct it.  

“Sorry Uncle, you’ve never been wrong before?  What does it tell us though?”  He continued, still slightly miffed. “It tells us that they are not dramatic, it is a ruse. They are based in Canada, it’s primarily where they’ve been active. So, I would say they’re former military. They’re connected to some politician, and given they’re activities over the last twenty years, they align with one of three people. My top guess is Miles Cote.”

I had not heard of him. “Who is he?” Camille stifled a laugh. “A very powerful, extremely dangerous man. He has little public notoriety, and that’s on purpose. Technically he’s only a political advisor, but his name is well known in private circles. They call him Clośet Cesar, or closet Caesar.”

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