Serials,  The Italian Hatmaker

The Italian Hatmaker: La Garde Alan

Henri shook his head. “How will we do that?” Giuseppe questioned,”We?” The two Royal representatives looked at each other. Sir Robert spoke first. “It seems to me, that we can’t help you succeed, but we can help you find his camp.”

Henri agreed. “Oui. It will be each of our duty to persuade him to our perspective cause. In order to do that, we must first find him. It seems that at least until that moment, we are on the same side.”

The words rang in Ethan’s ears, “at least until that moment”. He woke Giuseppe up in the night. “Giuseppe, they’re only going to try and stop us. We must get away.” The tailor sighed, “We tried that. This way, we can use their help, until they will help us no longer.”

Ethan, looked out into the darkness, “I’m not so sure.” Giuseppe laughed. “Do you really think we could get away?” At that moment, their supposedly sleeping companions added their thoughts. “I wouldn’t try it, would you Henri?” “No, it seems a mistake to me.” Ethan angrily lay back down.

The next morning they were on their way to Brittany. Their object was not Alan’s heir, but his protectors. The ‘La Garde Alan was rumored to be active on three continents. Whether true or not, they would find a faction in Nantes.  They knew they were on the right path when they when three men met them on a road outside of town.

Sir Robert spoke first.  “We are here to see the ‘La Garde Alan commander.  I’m aware that your Alan is in hiding, and I prefer it for now. We merely wish to talk.” The men did not move, the eldest spoke slowly.  “I am the Commander, and I understand what you say.  My only question to you sir is how would you like to die?”

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