I am so thankful for our freedom, as Christians and Americans. I know the fourth is past, but I was thinking of how much I take our Freedom Of Worship for granted. Today, I’m writing a post about Christianity that will be published for all the world to see. Somewhere though, our fellow brothers and sisters, hide to say their morning prayers. While too often, due to busy schedules and other reasons we tell ourselves, are left unmade at all.

Somewhere, a Minister whispers a Message given him by God. Meanwhile, our assemblies have vacant seats, as Men Of God share openly God’s Message. In free spaces, Bibles are neglected, covered in layers of “I’ll read it tomorrow”. While, sadly in so many somewhere places, scraps of well read Scriptures are hid in hems of clothing.  They’re sewn in their hearts before they’ve been threaded in their garments.

Too often in this country, people expect Americans to feel guilty for their liberties. That is not what this is about. Today, I ask, not for you to feel guilty, but to be grateful. Grateful that we can stop and pray, without fear. Thankful that you can openly say, “Sunday I’ll be in Church”. Our freedom came with blood, and it should be both prized, as well as practiced.

Like anything else, the Right To Worship, must be exercised in order for the practitioner to be skilled in it.  So my request is this.  While you are practicing prayer, investing in the Scriptures, and planning to freely visit your local Church this week. That you pray for the someones who live somewhere without this freedom.

Pray for the person who, like you, wakes up every morning to go to work.  Just before they do though, they hide in a closet to pray and read God’s Word.  Pray for that person who is sick, and cannot call for prayer.  Think of your sister congregation.  Be mindful of them that, while you and I openly raise our hands to worship, they do so in a basement.  In the midst of their “Thank You Lord”, they’re trusting that they will not be discovered. We share this, not to depress you, but to inscribe on all of our hearts those living somewhere.

May our every day be filled with prayers for the someones in the somewhere places.  In a little while, they won’t have to hide any more.  Very shortly, as free Children of a Victorious Savior, we will all stand together.  Together with our own, their once muffled voices will echo through the Heavens.  As one people, we will all celebrate our freedom.  For soon all of His someones, bond and free, will be Somewhere in the clouds with Him!