140 Mile Stretch: Project Skylark

The Colonel was waiting for the signal, once he had it, he acted quickly.  Within minutes, he was inside the archives.  He had to hurry, the Secret Service would be there within minutes.  Thankfully, this was a time when they still kept physical files.  Cameron found the file marked “Project Skylark”, copied it’s contents, and engaged his time device.

When the agents arrived, they would only find a layer of smoke.  Upon further investigation, they wouldn’t notice anything out of place.  Even though their top agent was a young lady named Phyllis.  This was before her accident, and before anyone knew of her involvement with the agency.

Meanwhile, two men were having coffee in a small coffee house in Philadelphia.  One man was much older than he looked, the other was around 30.  “Councilman, we have very little time.  I doubt you’ll believe it, but my name is Samuel Osgood.” A young Alex Whittaker sat down to listen to what he thought was a crazy man.

“When we leave here, go to the library, and look me up.  I was the first Post Master General of these United States.  Now, I’m a man far from home, on a mission.  Tom sent me, it’s the Tom you know, but not when you know him.  At least not yet, but you will.  One day, you’ll have some important roles in government.  When that time comes, you’ll be involved in something that reopens ‘Project Skylark’.”

As soon as Samuel Osgood mentioned “Project Skylark”, he had Alex’s attention.  “I hoped that I would never have to hear that term ever again.  What do you know about it?”  “I’m afraid more than I should, and more than I would like.  Unfortunately, you don’t know enough.  There is far more to it than the misery you’ve already faced.  I’m afraid, if one person gets their wish, there is much more misery to come.”