Cambridge’s:Gray Hair And Dentures

Your Mother sat me down and explained two things.  “First, I love you, you crazy, mixed up man.  Second, I wasn’t wanting you to propose out of fear that you’d lose me.  I just wanted to know that your plans for us involved gray hair and dentures.”

“I’m sorry for waiting so long to say what was in my heart.  My plans for us have included, as you say, gray hair and dentures since the day I met you.  I was just waiting for the right time, and I wanted to ask the right way.”

A month later, I found the right way.  I had a hat box delivered to her at college.  It contained a hat, but a very special hat.  It was actually a flower arrangement made out of a hat.  It was a black hat covered in an artificial flower that grows in America, known as black-eyed-susans.

If you remember, your Mother told me once that black eyes were better than roses, I never forgot it.  In it, was not a ring, but a riddle. It read, “When is a hand to heavy to move?  When is a face covered with sparkles?”  Lastly, the box contained a map.  It lead her home to her clock, which was turned off.

When she looked at the face of it, she saw a diamond ring.  A much less expensive one than the three I had once ask her with, but it was ours.  The door of the kitchen opened, I took the ring from the clock, and got on one knee.  “When is a hand to heavy to move?  When it is weighted down.  When is a face filled with sparkles?”  I was about to say, “When it’s covered in diamonds.”

She interrupted to say, “When it’s filled with happy tears.”  I softly ask her if she would be my Bride, and she whispered yes just as softly.  Our Grandmothers clapped from the kitchen, as our Mothers burst through the door.  I thought the hardest part was over, but I had never not planned a Wedding before!