iPainting: The Sahara Lions Series

I love technology.  When used productively, it offers all kinds of options.  People criticize filters on photographs, but artists have used various “filters” for years. Van Gough painted two versions of his famous haystacks.

Long before Warhol, and his variation soup cans, Gilbert Stuart painted 130 variations of his portrait of Washington. By the way, he never finished the first one.  It was called The Athenaeum, he used it as a template. You’ve seen it though, it’s the picture of President Washington on the one dollar bill.

In keeping with that, I painted a simple picture of a Sahara Lion using a different digital tool than my iPad mini.  As odd as it may sound, the original was painted using Microsoft Paint.  After that, I applied some filters in PowerPoint to it.  The variations themselves make for an interesting series we call, “The Sahara Lions”.