140 Mile Stretch: Always A Tightrope

“There are four species of skylark, they are primarily located in Europe, Asia, and the mountains of North Africa. Like the bird, when our country was young, Project Skylark, was mainly located in Europe. Agents worked in small swift units to defend our fledgling land from imperial espionage. Later, Project Skylark was involved in Asia, especially during what you call World War II. After that, there were several Skylark teams in both arenas, none of them knowing about the existence of the others.”

Samuel Osgood paused to let this sink in, as he drank a coffee that he had never tasted before. “Secret ops are nothing new. They’re apparently older than I thought. I knew President Washington had spies, but I never connected it with Skylark. Where is the epicenter of what you’re concerned about?” Alex asked.

“North Africa, apparently, at the time that is important to this business a discovery located there will be important. A new type of technology will be discovered. It will threaten our nation’s survival once more. Your job, at the right time, will be to stop it.” “When will that be?”

“I don’t know, Tom didn’t tell me. He said that you must be prepared, but telling you when might alter the future. It was a big enough risk telling us both what he has told us. We must labor not to change the course of history, until such a time that we must prevent the course of history from being changed.”

“Oh great, a tight rope, thank Tom for me.” Samuel Osgood laughed. “Take it from someone who survived a Revolution, maintaining freedom is always a tightrope.” Osgood stood up to leave. “Before you go, is there anything else that he told you to tell me?” He paused. “Yes, he said to tell you only if you asked that specific question. He said to give you a name, Walter Reynolds.”

Osgood left silently as Alex just sat there. Honestly, Alex wasn’t sure how quiet his departure had been, he didn’t really see him leave. His mind was on something else, the face of Walter Reynolds. Alex had tried his best to forget that name, and that face. Now, a new matter brought it flooding back into his life.

He took out his ever present notebook and wrote his thoughts down, though not in his typical verbage. He wrote in a code, known only to himself, and two others. If anyone else saw the note, it would look like a list of things to do on his next trip to see his parents. That way, he was in no danger, if it was ever read by anyone. At the top of the list, ‘Take Walter to the circus’, even though he knew that was the last place Walter Reynolds wanted to go.