140 Mile Stretch: Meet Walter Reynolds


We are a post away from the high flying conclusion of 140 Mile Stretch. Before we wrap things up, we wanted to introduce you to someone. Meet Walter Reynolds.

Walter Reynolds adjusted his tie. He wore a black suit, a green tie, and set down at his desk. He was fifty five years old now, having spent half his life working for his country. The problem was, he was tired. He had insomnia, it wasn’t eight in the morning, it was four. Walter didn’t know it, he had spent the last eight years underground.

At some point, his circadian rhythms had been affected, between living in a bunker, and all the International flights the years before. He was ‘project Skylark’ for twenty years. It had almost killed him, now he was a consultant for a major company. They didn’t know where he was located, he worked via phone. It was the only way that he kept those that hated him from finding him.

Many blamed him for Project Skylark, and for good reason. He had coordinated most of the missions for his term as the project’s Intelligence Chief. Sadly, he had lost more men than had survived. The government thought he took too many risks, and so had most of his operatives. A number of his surviving agents were now in positions of power. Almost the same number had placed a contract on his life.

As a result, he went underground. Only two people knew where the former intelligence chief was, one of them was Alex Whittaker. Alex was his lieutenant, he could be trusted. Of course, no one knew that. If they had, Alex would be dead. The next chief didn’t face the scrutiny that Walter had, thanks to Walter.

He had insisted on a special committee replacing his almost unlimited power. It consisted of the President, the ranking member of the opposing party in the Senate, and a member of the Supreme Court. This would eliminate abuse, as well as diffuse the blame. For now though, Walter was still alive, and so were those who wanted to change that.

Three hours later, he was getting sleepy, and the phone rang. “Hello Alex. How are you? Why are you calling?” He listened to Alex’s story, and it sounded crazy. Walter wished that he didn’t believe it, the problem was, he did. “I never thought that would be the case that I had to worry about.” Alex paused. “So you know who Oscar Minnix is?” “No, but I know who it isn’t.”

“It’s time to go to the circus Walter.” “I suppose it is. You bring the cotton candy, I’ll bring the elephants.” Walter was coming in from the cold, they would take steps, but he knew it was going to be risky. The ‘elephants’ meant that he would use the agreed upon safe houses and stock piles that had lay dormant for eight years. Alex was to meet him at the first one.

Across the world, in another time, a second phone call took place. A man in a little corner of North Africa picked up the phone. “He’s on the move.” “How do you know?” “Osgood met with Whittaker, and then he made a call.”
“What makes you think he called him?” “It’s a guess, but that’s all I have right now. They’ve hampered my movements with the explosion. I can’t act without revealing myself” “What are you going to do now?” “Simple, allow them to lead me to it, and then eliminate them all.”

“Is it worth risking the entire operation to kill Reynolds?” “Razi, not only is it worth it, it’s the main reason.” “It’s not my main reason, mine is power.” “That is why you have none, you see it as the solution. I see it as a fun side effect. My goal is to eliminate Reynolds, all those that cost me, and anyone who disagrees with me. Be careful Razi, that you don’t get on the same list as Tom and Reynolds.”