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The Sea Horse: Welcome To Oceania


The Sea Horse On The Docks

The news coverage was intent, a hooded man sprang from the sea onto Oceania’s Calloway docks. Five men, known to work for John Cater were unloading a boat. The caped figure attacked them. One of Cater’s men, aware that the security cameras were on grabbed his taser.

He could explain it much easier than the glock in his coat. The taser seemed to have no effect on this brightly colored figure. His response was to pick the largest of Cater’s men up and toss him against the side of the boat.

Another of Cater’s men sliced at the figure’s arm. The stranger responded by flipping over the man’s head, landing on his knees, and knocking the man’s legs out from under him.

As the figure left, the camera caught one good view of this stranger. He seemed to pause just for a millisecond, blood pouring from his lower lip.

He was clothed in dark blue, with a yellow cape, and a yellow and blue striped mask. On the side of his chest was a symbol made up of a seashell and a seahorse.

He ripped the boxes, marked restaurant supplies open, exposing the drugs inside. Then leaping over the side of the boat, disappearing into the sea.

Dr. Henry Mills looked across the desk at Senator Craig Fine as he read the article. “Dr. Aaron Matthews is a surgeon here at Highlands Hospital. He is a talented, and skilled doctor with an interesting history. Among his many degrees is that of a marine biologist. He could be Chief Of Surgery, if he wanted.” “Who wouldn’t want to be Chief Of Surgery?” The Senator asked, not sure why he was involved. “Someone who already has an equally taxing second job.”

Henry had known Craig for a long time.  He had supported the young, former councilman from a distance, two cities away.  Together, they stood against corruption that had attacked their state.  Henry had a reputation for backing solidly, but quietly.  He was a force of a man, mentally as well as physically.  Craig admired him for a number of reasons.

Henry was a muscular, six foot two, businessman who had forged this hospital through skill and sweat.  His voice was soft, but powerful, his hands were skilled, and calloused. Henry’s hair was white now, but his green eyes were still keen, and his ears were always opened.    He had built this hospital from nothing, having fought hatred, fear, and greed to make the hospital a reality for all cultures in their community.

They left the conference room and headed for Henry’s Lexus. It was around midnight. Neither said anymore until they were pulling out. “Why are you telling me this Henry?” “You need to know. You’re only the second one to know.” “How will he feel about it?” Henry smiled. “Who do you think asked me to tell you?”

Internally, Henry wasn’t as sure as Aaron had been about this.  Craig was a fine man, even an honest man, but he was a politician.  He glimpsed at the man beside him.  Craig was barely forty, no sign of gray yet, except his eyes.  While he hadn’t fought the racism that Henry had, Craig knew hardship.  Sadly, in this business, that was a asset.  His hair was black, his skin pale.  It had once been very tan, but Washington wasn’t known for catching waves, just making them.

Henry continued his tale. “It started, not on land, but on the sea. He was born on a boat, just outside of U.S. Waters. Elaine went into labor before they could make it back home.  She was an Ambassador, but they had to leave the country abruptly.”

“He doesn’t talk much about his family.” “No, he says very little most of the time. His life was fairly quiet, until he was 18. A girl broke his heart, her name was Wanda. They were to be married, she ended it the night before the wedding. He didn’t know why.”

Craig looked out the window. “Not knowing is tough, similar thing happened to me. I never learned why she left.” Henry frowned. “Sometimes learning why is even worse. It was in his case. Her family went into the witness protection program. Her father saw something he wasn’t supposed to, something that would force their family into hiding for the rest of their lives.”

Henry stopped. Craig looked at him. “What was it?” “Sorry, for your own safety, you don’t need to know. I will tell you this, he never stopped loving her. That was event number one. Event number two came when he was 19. A very bad man shut down the harbor. He put several families of fishermen out of a job.”

Craig knew Henry. He was leading to something. Suddenly, Henry took a side road. They had reached a little area overlooking the water. He stopped the car. As they got out, Craig asked, “What was number three?” Henry’s voice was thick with anger. “Number three was when they killed Norm Silva. That is, I feel, the moment The Sea Horse was created.

A moment later it surfaced. Craig knew from reports that it was called The Sea Swallow. It was the strangest craft Craig had ever seen. It was an almost blue black, with yellow LEDs. A hatch opened, and out climbed a hooded figure. Other than that he was Caucasian, with deep blue eyes, Craig couldn’t make out much.  He had a firm handshake, and a strong voice. “Thank you for seeing me Senator. Welcome to Oceania.”

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