The Sea Horse: Who Is Doctor Aaron Matthews

The journey ended, the Senator turned to leave, and then stopped.  “You took a huge risk revealing yourself to me.  Why?  Isn’t your secrecy your best weapon?”  The Sea Horse smiled.  “Would you have listened to a doctor or a vigilante?”  The Senator laughed.  “Neither, but that’s why you sent Henry. I respect him.  His leadership has transcended politics, race, and national boundaries.  If you ask me, he should have run for the Senate instead of me.”

Henry spoke up.  “Do you know why I didn’t? Because I had a hospital to run.  My work may reach outside of this area, but my heart never leaves that hospital.”  The Senator sighed.  “I should have kept walking, but I ask too many questions.  If I can help, in any legal way, I will.”  He shook hands with them both, and Henry returned him to his hotel.

That night, Dr. Aaron Matthews rendezvoused with the Chief Of Surgery in Henry’s office.  “Craig was right, you did take a huge risk.”  Aaron laughed.  “In this day and age, it’s not a question of will someone discover who The Sea Horse is.  The question is, can we keep the secret until we no longer need to keep it?”

This time Henry smiled.  “Oh I thank so. How are your new living quarters?”  “Nicer than I deserve.  Thank you Henry, one day I’ll pay you back for all that you’ve …” Henry held up a hand.  “You pay me back ever time you go out on patrol. Your Dad would have done the same, if he were still here.”

Aaron winced.  “He would have thought I was crazy.”  “At first, but then he would have done the same thing that I’m doing.  The only thing that he couldn’t do, was get used to the new name.”  “It is legally my name.”  “Yes, but it’s not the name you’ve been called since I delivered you on that boat that night.”

“That’s what I’m counting on.  One day, they will discover that The Sea Horse is Dr. Aaron Matthews.  My plan is for them to never find out who Dr. Aaron Matthews is.”  Henry and Aaron left the hospital with the excuse of meeting Henry’s wife Carla for supper.  In reality, they were to rendezvous with her at the Sea Horse’ base on the sea floor, directly on the underside of Machias Seal Island.