The Pilot Light


Saturday morning we woke up to a cold house. The thermostat was working, and the furnace was running, but it was cold. The problem was that the pilot light had gone out.

A gas furnace is still fairly new to me, but our friend Greg Starr knows about gas heat. He was not only able to diagnose the problem, but to remedy it. In no time, we were warm again.

The engine was running, so to speak, but the gas wasn’t getting through. Have you ever felt that way? Perhaps this is happening in your job, your life, or even your Ministry. You’re doing all you can, and are committed to continuing full force, but you’re tired. That happens to all of us, it’s happened to me.

When it does, you connect with a friend, or group of friends, that can help you to recharge. This week, our Church, is providing a Conference whose sole purpose is to serve Kingdom workers. The goal of The Iron Conference November 6-7, in Nashville, Tennessee, @ Point Of Mercy is  to serve those who are always serving others.

It’s settings like these that can re-energize weary souls, strengthen soldiers, and give them a place to recharge. The goal of this two day Conference is to bless those who have committed their lives to God’s Service.

We strongly feel that the Speakers for this Conference have been divinely selected to strengthen someone.  To impact the workers  who are giving their all, even if they are weary.

PruittWrites is  so excited about the opportunity to attend this Conference. We truly see this as a refueling opportunity, to reignite both energy and passion, and we hope to see you there!