The Sea Horse: C.O.R.A.L.

Internet on the sea is hard. Satellite reception is choppy at best, so you can imagine what it would be like on the ocean floor. That’s why Aaron had realized that he needed his own satellites, sunken ones.

They sank man made coral reefs embedded with computers along the ocean from Oceania to his base underneath Machias Seal Island. The Sea Cove, his base of operations, had been designed by one of the finest engineering students Carlysle University had ever seen. That student, now known as Dr Aaron Matthews, set in front of four holographic displays.

The computer itself was known as Cloud Operational Routing Application LAN. It was technology that Aaron had worked with Professor Chambers on before his death. “I’ve been tracking his movements. He’s good.”
Carla sat down behind the son of her dearest friend. “How good?”

“Better than Webb in the championship game against the Tigers.” She laughed. “He called yesterday, he asked about you.” “Did you tell him I’m still practicing?” “He wasn’t concerned about your piano lessons. He was more interested in whether or not you were still alive.”

Aaron slowly swiveled around and held her hand. “I’ll be careful Aunt Carla. I promise I won’t take any unnecessary risks. That’s why I’m going so slow.” “I know, and I know it needs to happen. I just wish you didn’t have to do it.”

“I promised them I would, I can’t stand by. They killed Norm Silva, Professor Chambers, and …” His voice trailed off as he fought back the tears. She kissed him on the top of his head and went to find Henry.

Aaron returned to the screen, but his mind was back in time. She was gone, they were gone, almost everyone of them were, but he had to finish this. Suddenly he was jolted back to reality by what he saw. Staring him in the face on the screen.

It wasn’t High Society’s face, hovering above the bank’s customers that startled him. It was the face of a man he had thought long dead, Judge Carlysle.

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