The Greater Purpose Of Talent

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Wikimedia Commons Image

Talent, it’s s volatile word. It’s been used to describe a singer, an author, or a politician. It can either be a very shallow thing, or a very spiritual one. Once we discover a talent, it’s our responsibility to seek out the greater purpose of talent.

For example, writing, why do I write? First, I enjoy it. At first glance this may seem selfish, but it’s not, instead it reflects God’s brilliance. Why does a child do anything at first? Because they enjoy it. How better for one to discover the talents that He has placed inside them? Like a present on Christmas Day, God allows us to unwrap our gifts.

After this, we will get frustrated, maybe even set them aside for awhile, but we will come back to them. Why? Because they’re fun.
After this, we discover what God’s greater purpose for our gifts were, to minister to others.

It’s my prayer that something that God wrote through me will help someone. No writer wants to simply write, they want to be read. It’s not simply about ego, although it can become that, if you’re not careful.

However, with prayer, it can truly be about ministering to others. Once, a minister pointed out that all of the Churches the Apostle Paul started closed, but his words touch every Church to this day.

Our writing will never reach that magnitude, The Holy Scriptures are complete. Still, our words can help someone on their journey. With that being said, a massive responsibility comes with the gift.

We don’t write for ourselves. We don’t write to impress, so that big four dollar word isn’t worth alienating the person you’re attempting to reach. What’s important is not you, the reporter.

The important ones are The One that gives you your message, and the reader who is hurting. In life, our greatest achievements aren’t about us, they’re about others.

When we lose sight of ourselves in the act of serving God and His people, we do our best work. Today, seek not to write or speak speak something brilliant. Seek to say something helpful, something that is healing.

Let your words and your actions build someone up. Encourage the hurting, strengthen the weary, and reward the kindhearted. Then you will have made a difference.

That’s the fulfillment of the talent God placed in you all those years ago. That’s why He made it fun to discover, and why it’s a joy to pursue. It’s not about our pleasure, it’s about His purpose.