The Day Before


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Wikimedia Commons Image

Today is officially the day before Thanksgiving, but don’t wait 24 hours to show someone how important they are to you. There is a person, or persons, in your life that have literally rescued you from countless things. From irrelevance to inconceivable sorrow, you and I are better because of someone else.

Today, in the midst of broken egg shells, peeling potatoes, and unthawing turkeys, take some time. In all this preparation, take five minutes to call up the loved one you’ll see tomorrow, tell them you love them. Yes it may sound sappy, or it may make their day easier.

Everyday someone is hurting, scared, or lonely, but today shouldn’t be like any other time. This day, they need to walk into their tomorrow knowing someone out there cares for them. They need to know their not only loved, but relevant.

Show them that they are more than just their recipe for sweet potato casserole, or the macaroni salad they make. Tell the people that matter in your life the things that matter. The stuff that is important to us isn’t the sage they mix into the dressing, but the wisdom they add to our lives. It’s the day before the big meal, but we should never go 24 hours without saying Thank You.