The Sea Horse: The Explosion

Boarding The Sea Swallow
Boarding The Sea Swallow

The Sea Horse was trapped in the vault, smoke was feeling the room. The explosive was set to go off in five minutes. His ribs were aching. High Society had set a trap in his latest robbery.

“This time, you’re future is what I’m taking. I can’t have you getting in my way.” Those were ?the villain’s words as he shut the door. “Now, I know why you broke your mo. I needed to know why you broke your pattern. Now, you need to know why I chose the name, The Sea Horse!”

The hero’s bright yellow head mask and cape began to glow. The hero head butted the floor below him. Outside, High Society heard two explosions, two minutes a part. “Why two?” He asked, staring at the vault.

“Simple, you caused one, I caused the other.” The Sea Horse’s bola whip wrapped around Society’s leg, dropping him to the floor. He used his laser boot to burn the whip around him. The two traded blows. Each getting an idea of what the other had.

Finally ten minutes later, High Society broke off. Flying away through the rubble of a bank window. He escaped with a broken leg. The Sea Horse disappearing underground with broken ribs, among other things.

The two of them had each gotten an assessment of the other’s fighting styles. Neither had gotten what they wanted. High Society wanted a dead opponent, The Sea Horse had hoped for an incarcerated one. Still, they both would know what they were facing in their next fight.

High Society smiled on his way home, he had at least gotten a cool million from it. The Sea Horse laughed as he emerged from the sewer into the water and his Sea Swallow. He had gotten something much better, a tracker on the underside of High Society’s flying tank.