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A Wikimedia Commons Image

Cherish, it’s an old word. We don’t hear it much any more, other than at Weddings. Sadly, in some marriages, that’s the last time the word is ever used, and one of the few times its modeled. It means to protect, or care, for someone lovingly.

It’s a concept that we should practice everyday of the year, but how much more so than at Christmas? Loved ones who make you smile, hearts that beat as one, and friends that are there for each other. We should cherish them.

I love words, whether as a student of God’s Word, or as a writer, they amaze me. One of the synonyms of cherish is foster. That word means to encourage or promote the development of something good. If cherishing doesn’t come easy to you, you can foster it, this just takes practice. Anyone can define love in another’s life, if we will.

When an orphan is placed with a foster family, it can be awkward. The uncomfortableness can be as thick as, well eggnog. There is a level of mistrust, a feeling of what do you want frome me, over time that can fade. If the foster parents cherish the child, they’ll work towards making them feel loved.

Who in our lives do we value? Is it a family member that you once argued with, but couldn’t live without? Perhaps it’s s friend that you’ve kept at arms length, but who you always want within an arm’s reach. Maybe it’s a coworker, or someone desperately in need of being valued, or cherish.

That’s really what this old word is about, valuing those who are priceless to us. We put our money in banks, and our phones in cases, but what protective layer do we wrap our loved ones in? Find those you care about today, and show them you love them.

You don’t have to stand in Wal-Mart holding a banner singing their praises, that would be awkward. Though it’s used in them, cherish isn’t about the ceremony, it’s about the relationship. It can be as simple as a smile, a cup of coffee, and a conversation.

Sure it may be old school, or retro, but you let them know you cherish them. We should cherish our loved ones, at Christmas when we celebrate how He cherished us enough to be born. Each of us though should cherish as Christ did, and does, by showing it 365 days of the year.