The Baby Prince

Wikimedia Commons Image
Wikimedia Commons Image

Years ago, before Christ was born,
Still both children, moon and sun,
The earth was new, and smiles were worn,
God and man laughed together, rejoicing, having fun,
Until sickness and sadness slipped in,
Man opened the door to a trickster called sin.

It caused man a mighty fall,
God and man’s relationship breached,
Because of sin’s fast constructed, evil wall,
Our Lord established the journey He’d reach,
Finding the road To rescue His friend,
Never quitting, always working, He would defend.

The vow to lonely ears He gave,
Whispering to everyone that did pray,
Victory over sin, death, and the grave,
God would make a way,
The promise reaching man did sound,
A Prince will come, and joy abound.

In a stable, God slipped into the cave,
Spanning the wall, and entering the globe,
He’d walk the path to free sin’s slaves,
Not as a towering God with a royal robe,
His people, He came to call,
But as a swaddled Babe, a Savior for all.

There on Bethlehem’s starry plain,
Filled with joy, both God and man,
Joined by an Angel’s refrain,
They laughed together, hand in hand,
And like a clock Sin did know,
It’s days, just numbered grains of sand,
The Baby Prince would grow.

On that night Christmas was born,
It’s greatest gift, The Baby’s cry,
But far better was that glorious morn,
The day The Prince climbed sin’s hill,
Jesus’ silenced evil with a victorious sigh,
Toppled it’s wall, and brought man nigh.

Now, though the sun is old,
The moon no longer young,
When Sin tries to scare with lies so bold,
A tune is heard, a song is sung,
Men are new, Christ has won,
We laugh together, rejoicing, and having fun.