The Sea Horse: Wonzu

The Sword Of WonsuHer title, or at least what they called her, was Wonsu, it meant general. It also meant Mortal Enemy, and she usually was. She was older now, having arrived here before Oceania started. Her family ran the Alligator district of Oceania, originally a slang name for the suburbs of Alligate. A very influential section of the city.

When her family arrived, it became the headquarters for the Alligator gangs, the Wonsu’s organization.  No one remembered how they seized power, but they knew very well how they maintained it.  Now, Alligate and the Alligators were synonymous with one another.

Other Factions were itching to revise the scene of the city. “I am not anxious for change.”  She said to her Lieutenant as they sparred.  Wonsu used a weapon that was her Grandfather’s.  It is called a hyeopdo, also known as micheomdo, or “eyebrow” sword.  That’s what the citizens of Aligate knew it as.

It was said that when the Wonsu raised her eyebrow, she was not happy, and neither were you.  This was true whether you were talking about the hair above her eye, or the blade in her hand.  Some had thought her age might slow her down, instead she used it.  When she could no longer jump, she learned to compensate with other movements. Her “eyebrow” became an extension of herself.

Her lieutenant, the lawyer nephew, as she referred to him was babbling on.  The Wonsu had 11 nephews, each positioning to take her spot.  They didn’t know that her successor was already chosen, or that he was miles across the sea in a small village.  It would suit them well to learn she had a son, but only when she was ready.

“What are you going on about?”  Her patience was wearing thin.  Woong smiled.  “The possibility of spreading your territory across Oceania.  This war will not end well, let the two factions fight it out.  Then you, knowing how to take advantage of their weakness, will establish control.”  “Meaning I will pave the way for your future.  You want to expand your role, not mine.”

Woong frowned.  “I would speak, not as your Lieutenant, but as your nephew.” She laughed.  “You risk a lot, but, I like fire.  Go ahead.”  Woong stood to his full height, albeit slowly.  “I have served faithfully, as my Father before me.  Yes, I would like to expand my power, but only under your umbrella.  It saddens me that, after all these years, you still don’t trust me.”

The Wonsu laughed.  “Woong, I don’t trust anyone, not even myself.  That’s why I am Wonsu, and not my sister.  We fought, she lost, and I sit here.  Still, I’ll grant your request, not because I trust you, but because my alligators are hungry for fresh meat.”