The Sea Horse: Christmas In Oceania

A young man stands on the shore looking out at the sea. Today he’s not in costume. Today his broken ribs can rest, but not his heart. It is several Christmas’ removed, to a happier time. He stood on the docks with his fiancé, planning a future.

That was before a witness protection program separated them. It was before his new face, and her new life. How Aaron wishes he could just talk to her. Absentmindedly he answers his cell. “Hello, Dr. Aaron Matthews.” “No it’s not, but I’ll go with it. Merry Christmas.”

He can’t believe his ears. “Merry Christmas … How… Are you okay?” “Yes and no, but mostly yes. Can’t talk long, I Love You.” “I Love You, I miss you.” “Me too, but I’m working on something, maybe just maybe ….” She was gone.

In another city, a woman’s cell phone is pocketed into a brief case, as she gets into a cab. “Where too miss?” “The airport please.” “Taking a business trip? I noticed there wasn’t any luggage. Where you headed?” “They used to call it home, now it’s known as Oceania.”

At another location, a very tall man plays catch with his daughters. Usually, he’s a little taller, and sporting a metal mask and beard. Today he’s clean shaven, and his suit is at the cleaners. The Rose’s ever present cane has even been traded for a baseball bat, its Christmas.

Reilly Coogan, in his new identity, shares a meal with his new girlfriend. After that, they’ll watch the parade, and have a ‘normal’ Christmas. He could get used to this, if he tried. Even the Wonsu smiles as she reads a post card from her son.

Tomorrow, they’ll all be back to work, but not today. It’s Christmas in Oceania, and families are taking time for each other. Like others, Henry, Carla, Webb, the Judge, and Aaron will spend the day eating and watching football.

The Sea Horse and his adventures are about entertaining the child in all of us. However, if it were not for another child, none of us would have even the hope of a smile beyond this life. This Christmas, PruittWrites and all of us involved in The Sea Horse would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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