The Sea Horse: Partners



“So you see the problem?” “You want me to be Elliot Ness.” “Yes Elisabeth I do. It’s the only way you can return home.” The young woman laughed. “For years you refused to let me go home. Now, it comes with a price.” Agent Rook smiled. “It’s been my experience, most things do.”

That conversation had taken place a month ago. For the lady getting off the elevator, it seemed more recent. “May I help you ma’am?” “Yes, Dr. Aaron Matthews please. Tell him Elisabeth Houston with the U.S. Attorney’s office to see him.” “Do you have an appointment?” “No, but tell him, we spoke on the phone, over Christmas.”

He just stood behind his desk staring at her. “How are you Aaron?” “Better now.” She closed the door and hugged him. “I missed you.” He agreed as she pulled away. “You changed your hair, and eye color, but no plastic surgery?”

“Fortunately, Oliver Coogan was an old school chauvinist. He only saw Charlie’s blonde haired little girl. So brown hair replaces blonde, and green contacts to hide my blue eyes.” Aaron rubbed his jaw, “I’m afraid the fire didn’t give me that choice.”

She touched his face. “It’s a handsome face, a little different, but you’re still in there. The eyes haven’t changed. Now for the bad news. Agent Rook, my handler, gave me a choice. Practice law in our new city and do what I want, or…”

Aaron sat down, “I only met him once, very intimidating. He and Henry grew up together, they’re cousins. What was his or?” Elisabeth sighed. “I am a special lawyer for the U.S. Attorney’s office. No title, but with power to get control of the chaos. ”

“He wants you to stay away from, and stop The Sea Horse.” “No, he wants me to partner with The Sea Horse to do what we can’t. We can offer you equipment, surveillance, and muscle.”

“The bad news is that I was given orders to stay away from any personal attachment. He feels it will be a distraction to my job. I could only explain this meeting as consulting you over the death of Reilly Coogan. I can’t even have dinner with someone without it getting reported to Agent Rook.”

“So he doesn’t know who the Sea Horse is? Or who I really am?” “Not from me, of course, I always feel that he knows more than he says. This is the deal, I’m supposed to offer “The Sea Horse” assistance in taking down the power brokers, but once they’re gone you have a choice. Either take off the mask, or get put down yourself.”

“So we can be crime fighting partners, just not date, interesting.” “It’s not impossible. Once they’re gone, and The Sea Horse is a memory, we can still have that Wedding by the water. We may be gray headed by then, but it’s our only option.”

Aaron shook his head. “It’s not our only option, we just have to wage two wars at the same time.” He wrote the Senator’s number on his prescription pad and handed it to her. “We just need to treat Agent Rook to a little of his own medicine. You need to give him a bureaucratic license to change his mind.”

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