You Versus The Volcano


Isaiah 32:2 2 And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.

Last night I watched a show about building houses in Hawaii. They talked about building on top of the aftermath of a volcano. They told of how to build on lava rock. The man said that you can never get the ground completely even, instead you build pathways that are walkable. In a very real way, even after the disaster, it’s you versus the volcano.

The thing that destroyed homes, the exploding mountains that ended civilizations, can still be built upon. It was the island survivor’s choice, either relocate or reinvent. It’s your choice today.

Perhaps you’ve faced a disaster in your family, your spiritual walk, or in your life. Now that it’s over, the temptation is to run as far away as you can. The other option, is to clear a path, and to build again. It’s not easy, it’s not without obstacles, but it’s possible.

Our fiftieth state is proof of that! When we think of Hawaii, we think of a tropical haven. On one island, those born after January of 83 haven’t known a time when Kilauea’s volcano wasn’t active. For them, it’s become a way of life.

In history, we hear of a town called Pompeii. It was completely destroyed by a volcano, Vesuvius. What we don’t hear about is other towns that were also destroyed. One was Herculaneum, at some point, people returned to the rubble, and built on top of the rock that covered the ruins.

This life is filled with obstacles, with hurt, and with pain. A brave woman I know, has seen plenty of that. She faces things still, and yet, she clears a path and goes on. She knows that Our Rock covers the remains of the attacks that tried to destroy her. She doesn’t see it, but she is brave, for she keeps on building.

Whatever you’re facing, whatever horrible thing you’ve went through, take comfort in this. Every path you clear, every new timber you build on, is a step closer to turning your heartbreak into a haven. You can get there.

With God’s help, you will rebuild, and you will succeed. In the end, you’ll stand on the deck of your new situation, built on Him. All the things that tried to destroy you, will be rubble under your feet.

The result of building on lava rock, you end up building higher. The views from your personal success, will inspire others that they can overcome the things that tried to smother them. You will look and see a battle won, a volcano conquered, and they will see a paradise of hope.

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