The Sea Horse: Mutual Enemies


He could have taken them out, but that would have been considered an act of war. Instead, he sent a “card” first. It was actually a ball dropped on the lapel of one of the Wonzu’s lieutenants. The ball, set on a ten minute timer, projected a holographic message on the biggest flat surface it found.

“Wonzu, this is The Sea Horse. I am in your building, I come in peace for a meeting. It’s about the hospital.” Most of the Wonzu’s inner circle reacted angrily, she didn’t move. After they had quieted down, she spoke. “Show yourself, you have a ten minute truce.”

The Sea Horse descended from the rafters to stand within five feet of her. “Your ‘friends’ are trying to take the hospital. You know first hand what a mistake that would be. How many lives would be lost. There’s also the fact that it’s one of the few neutral areas of the city, every side can go there for medical attention. Put that under one’s control, and groups will start taking this facility and that until all of Oceania is a powder keg.”

“Explosions clear away things, why would I want to stop that?” “They also shut off the power, at police stations, City Hall, and in ‘organizations’ too. Can you run the risk of losing power in an explosion? Even for a few minutes? Plus, an innocent doctor twenty two years ago helped …” “Silence! Everyone leave us!” All of her people filed out.

She drew her weapon to her, “Where did you get your information?” “From a dying man who had no reason to lie. I have no purpose here but to secure a hospital. This is all I ask, or will ever ask of you.” She relaxed slightly. “It is all I will ever give you. The next time we meet, it will be as combatants. Today though, we have mutual enemies. The hospital will be spared, you have the promise of the Wonzu.”

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