God’s Dreamers: Honoring Dr. King


Today we honor Dr. King, and in so doing, we honor his Father. A man who instilled in his son, a dream of equality, and never even a kernel of violence. If you’ve ever studied the life of Martin Luther King Senior, you know that he modeled hope to his children.

His life hadn’t been easy, but he worked to make the lives of others better. In so doing, he and his wife instilled this principle in their children. The result was a man who faced solitary confinement twice for his principles. Because they dared to dream, like Jacob and Rachel, they produced a dreamer.

An as it was with Joseph, because of Dr. King’s dream, a nation was transformed. Israel and America would face struggles after the triumph of their dreamers. Yet, both now had an example of what was possible when men pursued God’s vision.

Like Joseph, Dr. King would echo the fact that their dreams of freedom were made possible by an even greater Dreamer. They knew that man could seek a better life because of Christ’s sacrifice. God had brought life to our souls, and now man could truly live.

Today, we celebrate the sacrifices of men like Dr. King and his Father. Men who would want you to dare to follow your dreams. They may seem impossible, but God proved even that was no boundary when it came to our rescue. Dr. King’s dream of equality for all was no easy task, and yet, he changed the world.

Today, in the shadow of greatness, dare to dream, and seek God to change your world. I know it may be daunting, even scary. I imagine even Dr. King was nervous looking out at that crowd at the Lincoln Memorial the day of his speech.

Still, he knew what you and I should know. We have an even greater emancipator than our sixteenth President standing behind us. We are not alone. The Creator gave us this vision burning in our chest. With His help, our dreams can transform both our lives, and the lives of others.

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