The Sea Horse: Ambush


The Sea Horse had left the Wonzu’s headquarters when he was attacked. He was traveling across the rooftops when High Society tackled him. “Sea Horses don’t usually live up here. Aren’t you supposed to be shriveled up in a tank somewhere?”

Sea Horse’s only answer was to throw the villain backward with a kick. High Society answered with a summersault blow. The two battled for several minutes, each time High Society attempting to chide Sea Horse into speaking.

In his mind, Sea Horse remembered his training. As Nicholai would say, ‘What is his strategic objective? He wants me to talk because he has a voice analyzer. He’s trying to get a sample of my speech patterns to figure out who I really am.’

The Sea Horse had equipped his suit with a built in voice distorter, but with an added feature. It was also capable of mimicking any voice he might need to imitate. So the only response High Society received was a perfect rendition of his own voice back at him.

“Nice try, but not tonight. As for the shriveling in a tank bit, you’ll find out before I will.” High Society laughed, “Neat trick, do you do parties? I don’t plan on visiting our jails anytime soon, but maybe you’d like too!” He grabbed Sea Horse from above and the two flew off the building.

High Society intended to drop the Sea Horse from a hundred feet above the Oceania police headquarters. “Society, have you heard of Pegasus? … You’re not the only one with wings.” The Sea Horse activated his short range flight rockets in his boots.

They weren’t designed for long flights, just emergency landings. He was able to fling the villain off of him and against the side of the nearest building. High Society’s initial response was to retort, until his system gave him a warning.

“Why do you think it was so easy for you to pick me up? It’s because that was the only way I could get close enough to sabotage your tanks. You have about five minutes before they blow up. I suggest you change jackets.”

Society slipped out of his trench coat and harness, and onto the fire escape. The Sea Horse grabbed the device. he attached one of his rocket boots to it, and aimed it toward the ocean. The people in Oceania would think it was a simple light show.

High Society had used the time to escape, and now the Sea Horse was minus a boot. Fortunately, he had repositories all along the city. Within no time, Dr. Aaron Matthews was getting into a cab, fully dressed, ready to return home. A phone call would change his plans…

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