The Sea Horse: Nicolai


“Aaron, it’s Carla, there’s been an emergency. Nicolai is alive, but he’s had a heart attack. He’s in the Cardiac Clinic under the name Pavlov Laskin.” “I’ll be there in ten minutes. Driver, take me to the hospital asap, it’s an emergency.”

Aaron’s mind went back to his first meeting with Nicolai Tunick. It was while he was bandaged up after the surgeries, after the fire.” Henry brought him to see Aaron, although he never explained how he knew the spy.

He guessed it was from his Mother’s days as an Ambassador, but never asked. Rule One of Mom’s, “Ask only what is vital, and leave the clutter out of it.” So he had, his mind was already filled with enough painful clutter back then.

“I can’t do this, my hands are in bandages.” “You can. Your hands may be wrapped up, but your heart is not. Calm your anxiety, and begin again.” At first, the spy taught him card tricks, small close up feats of magic.

Aaron thought it was to distract him from the pain, it wasn’t. It was to rebuild his dexterity, and enhance it. Over time, they would move on to rebuilding Aaron’s body. Adding muscle, improving endurance, and then came weapons training.

Nicolai was a master with weapons. He was as comfortable with a handgun as he was a whip, a sword, or a spear. “Your weapon is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. Learn it well, but don’t get to attached to any one item. Learn efficiency with them all, you never know which one will save your life.”

It was Nicolai who taught him strategy. Aaron assumed he had been a spy for the Russian government, but he was surprised to learn he worked for the United States. He spoke of a man that was becoming a major part of the life of The Sea Horse, Agent Rook.

Nicolai had trained him. Which is the reason that Aaron couldn’t go in to see Nicolai when he arrived at the hospital. Standing by the bed of his old mentor was another of Nicolai’s former students, Agent Thomas Obadiah Rook.

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