The Sea Horse: Project LEO


Aaron couldn’t go in to the room, but he knew who could. He text Henry who was a floor away. “Hello Pavlov, how are you feeling?” “Alive. Henry this is Special Agent Thomas Obadiah Rook. He knows who I am.” Thomas Rook shook his hand. “Thank you for taking care of him. Nicolai is my old mentor. I have to leave now. Goodbye Doctor, and Nicolai stay alive and retired ok?”

“Goodbye Thomas, I plan to continue.” Rook left and Aaron joined Henry and Nicolai a few minutes later. “Gentlemen, you’ve just seen the most dangerous man in the city next to Aaron. He is a threat to anyone who opposes him. I know, he’s the best agent that my group ever saw. He runs it now.”

Henry looked at him. “He’s my cousin, and for years we only knew he worked for the government. Aaron, he’s how I met Nicolai. One night, a Russian showed up at my apartment while I was doing special work at John Hopkins. He had my cousin with him, bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound. I patched him up, and they stayed with me for a few days.”

“Yes. As it turns out both Henry and my relationship with Thomas became distant, but we became close friends.” “What caused the distance?” Both older men bristled. Henry walked to the window as Nicolai answered. “It was called Project LEO, and my guess is that’s why Thomas is in Oceania.”

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