Real Love


Love isn’t the stuff of deserted islands, it’s the stuff of rough and tumble reality. We have this image of Love as if it’s something out of a fantasy. Much like the proverbial desert island we romanticize it. The truth is, desert islands have their own hardships, but love conquers all.

Love isn’t afraid of the mean streets. It’s equally comfortable whether in the city or the country. Cupid, while a cute character, isn’t the image of true love. Love isn’t a mythological, unobtainable dream.

There is a mountain where The God of Love made a stand, but it isn’t Olympus. True love has scars from never giving up. The Lord Jesus wanted to give man an understanding of what real love was. Love, at its most real, at its most painful, is an image of Calvary.

God’s love caused Him to wrap Himself in a body, come to Earth, just to rescue His creation. From the moment man fell, God was working to pick us back up. Love said through gritted teeth, and a bleeding back, I’m not giving up on anyone.

He loved us enough to suffer and die for the sins of man knowing more would reject than accept Him. Still, He did it, because that’s what love does. It doesn’t give up when it’s not easy, it doesn’t walk away when there are obstacles.

Today, you’re love story may not have happened yet, but you are loved. You may feel all alone, and may have been badly mistreated, but know that He loves you unconditionally. The God of Calvary has a plan for your life, and people waiting to care for you.

So don’t give up on love, for God is love. He didn’t manufacture it, He is love, just as He is life. Broken hearted people are tempted to build walls to minimize the damage, but that won’t repair the rest. Open your heart to the Restorer Of Souls today and let love, real love, make you whole again.

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