Cold, Cold Heart


It was written by a man from Alabama who made it popular, but then an Italian New York waiter matched its fame. It was released by both singers, months apart, in 1951.The one man was Hank Williams Senior, the other was Tony Bennett, and the song was Cold, Cold Heart.

The song tells the story of a faithful person in love with someone who was hurt by another’s unfaithfulness. Try as they might, every gesture reminds the other of a past person’s manipulations. While there is drifting in the song’s second verse, there is no giving up on the faithful person’s part.

Who can blame the other person, for their pain is real. Still, if they are to find happiness, they must release the memory, and embrace the present hope. Wouldn’t it be awful to refuse your life’s dream, standing right in front of you, because of yesterday’s nightmare?

So many people do it, in business, in opportunities, and in relationships. As a result, many give up on the other, but the tenacious ones do not. It may take time, but they remain faithful.

One such suitor, that has never given up, carried His love all the way to Calvary. The God of creation, who had warned Eve before her eyes wandered, spent thousands of years to purchase our redemption. He had a plan, but it would take time.

First, He spared Adam and Eve, then He walked with Enoch. He talked with Noah, and called Abraham. He used a fiery situation to get Moses’ attention, and brought Israel out of the Red Sea. All of it culminating to the love song that is Calvary.

Throughout it all, some rejected, others doubted, and people mocked. Yet, He loved, bled, and died. No matter how many refused Him, no matter how hard the heart of humanity, Christ pursued.

Whether or not to hold onto the doubt and fear, or to take a chance, can be hard. I would point out this, He asks nothing but a chance to love us, with no strings attached. There are boundaries in the relationship yes, but what union doesn’t have them? He loves unconditionally and completely. Our love, beat so passionately inside of Christ’s heart, that He gave until His own stopped beating.

Then He arose to reinforce the fact that nothing would stop Him from loving us. His love is a persistent, mesmerizing, and consistent witness. It states that The Savior will never, ever stop loving us.

The love of God has won over even the most jaded, ardent, critic. C.S. Lewis discovered that God’s love surmounted a wall of man made knowledge with the very real fact of His own existence. If you’re hurting today, from a past or present relationship, know that Jesus loves you.

He cares, and has waited patiently for the chance to show just how much He loves you. No matter what you’ve faced, what pain or anger in your past, please know this. His love can, and will, free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart!

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