IMG_0605-0.JPGJeremiah 18:14

Will a man leave the snow of Lebanon which cometh from the rock of the field? or shall the cold flowing waters that come from another place be forsaken?

Snowstorms, they’ll stop you in your tracks. That thick blanket of white wonder, will change your plans in a very short amount of time. It stops schools, transportation, and places of business, altering their usual course of action. Whether it’s a natural pause like a snowstorm, or some other kind, we view them as an imposition.

Kids that don’t live in an area that has regular snow dream of it, while those who do rejoice in it. We ‘grown ups’ don’t like it because it changes our plans. We don’t like anything that alters our agenda. What we forget is that like many pauses, snow is an agent of Heaven, and we are His children.

Sometimes that delay is not meant to destroy you, but to both protect and position you. God knows that, in order for you to reach your destination safely, at times, you must get there later than you and I had planned. What we view as an opponent, was sent as a protector. What we look at as a punishment, was God keeping us safe.

They say that snow was known in Bible days, but primarily in the higher elevations, as Jerusalem and Lebanon. God cares so highly for us that He sends pauses our way. He loves us enough to send an entire snowstorm just to secure our future.

In the Psalms they were called Selah, which meant pause, or interruption. Even in songs, there is a time of rest. If you’re weary today, maybe the answer isn’t to plough through. Perhaps God meant for you and your pjs to find a warm corner, wrap yourself up in Him, and talk.

The greatest pause, or interruption in Scripture wasn’t a covering of snow, but of cloud. Both Tabernacles and Temples were so filled with God’s glory that ministers couldn’t work, only rejoice in Him. “This is the Rest that causes the weary to rest.” Christ is our blanket of both snow, and cloud. He washed our sins from scarlet to snowy white, and filled us with His presence.

Let Him rejuvenate you today. That battle that seems so icy and insurmountable, will thaw out. God will cause you to break through the ice, and mount that hill. He just knows that before you do, you and Him need some time together. It’s an old song, but on this cold wintry morning, the old strains come through, “Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right.”

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