The Sea Horse: Alliances

imageWhile Rook was fuming, the Wonzu was keeping a promise. It was the agreement to prevent the Hospital from being taken over. She was meeting personally with the representatives of the two factions.

“You both want my allegiance, I have not decided yet, but I seek a gesture. The Hospital must be spared, it is no longer in play. This must be agreed upon by you both, before I ever consider who I will support.”

The British Rose spoke first, “I agree, it’s of little value to us anyway.” High Society’s veiled nameless representative spoke next. “Agreed, we will not touch it, but we expect an answer within two weeks time, good night.”

The two agents left at the same time, leaving Wonzu and her driver alone on the pier. She looked at the water for a long time, imagining what her son was doing now. Her sister had kept her promise to raise him, soon she would send him back.

“Drive by the hospital slowly.” As they did, she remembered the night her late husband and herself had the baby. She also remembered having to send the baby away for its own safety. There was a war then too, but now as then, she planned to come out on top. That was another promise she intended to keep.

In close proximity, Rook stood on his balcony for several minutes. He was holding the letter in his hand. The agent wasn’t one to be bullied, but he could use this. ‘Swallow your pride, or at least appear to, let the Sea Horse think he’s got you stymied, then strike.’ It was a good plan, one Rook would follow, the problem was, he said it out loud.

When you’re accustomed to spying on everyone, you think you’re an expert on eliminating others from spying on you. Rook’s men had checked the package, the letter, the plastic trinket, and even the chocolate for a listening device. The problem was, they had failed to check the Senator.

Oh they wanted too, but Rook had stopped them as a courtesy to a powerful ally. Sea Horse was sure they would find it, on the balcony railing tomorrow, but all he needed was tonight. When they did, Rook would get the point, Oceania wasn’t his playground.

It was a city that needed help, and Rook could assist, but not on his own terms. There would have to be conditions, and Rook would agree to them, if there was to be an alliance.

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