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Psalms 11:1

1  In the Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?

There are over 4,000 species found all over the world, according to scientists.  We call them songbirds, those small beautiful delicate creatures that produce a wonderful song.  They are not as mighty as the eagle, but they were made by the same hand.

At this point in David’s life, he probably felt more like a bird in the hand than a raptor in the sky.  Chased, hunted, and despised by the very person who benefited from the melody. Saul of all people knew David’s worth, and yet he wanted to silence the music.

What Saul ignored was the fact that David’s song wasn’t made solely for Saul. Oh he benefited from it, but David’s lyrics were made for a far greater purpose. His songs were to worship The God that preserved the Psalmist wherever he went.

God created you for His glory, others will benefit from it, but they’re not the reason. So when those you work with, witness to, and serve attempt to hurt or silence you, take heart.  They are recipients, but they’re not The One that validates you.

The Creator gave you your melody, and like the songbird, He placed His people throughout the world.  The darkest corners are illuminated with the song of the redeemed.  If they cannot silence you, they’ll at least try to stifle you, but they’re not the source of your melody.

Your song comes from the same hand that gave the eagle his mighty wingspan.  The One that gave the Owls their sharp talons gave you something far greater. A praise for The God that spread His wings all the way to a mountain called Calvary to give us a place of refuge.  You don’t need the bird of prey’s talons, because The God Of Armies fights your battles!

Keep on singing, continue to brighten the day of others with your music.  They may not always appreciate it, but they’ll benefit from it. Either way, whatever they choose to do with it doesn’t matter, they’re not who it was made for.

The old lyric says He woke me up this morning, and started me on my way, Thank You Lord for a brand new day.  As sure as the day dawns, the songbirds will sing, it’s what they were made to do.  You and I were made to honor Our King, regardless of obstacles. The song that beats in our chest will not be silenced by man, but it will be corroborated, sustained, and defended by The Master!

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