The Sea Horse: Armor Arrives


The Judge slapped his fist on the table. “Something isn’t right about this.  It plays weird, they float a story that this shipment is a target, why?”  Aaron agreed.  “You’re right, which is why we’re going to let the Rose steal it.”

Carla set at the computer screen researching a hunch.  “How tall is this Rose?”  “Why?”  “This is why.” She pointed to an old photograph.  I’ve only seen him once in your surveillance photo, but he looked familiar.  Is that him?  If it is, our Brit is as foreign as I am, and he works for Henry’s cousin.”

Aaron looked at the image. “Aunt Carla, are you sure?”  “As sure as I know my own name. I know faces, he’s a fake.”  “If you’re right, then ‘The Organizer’ is Rook.  That’s how he plans to control the criminals in this city, by spearheading the club.  That means this shipment is either for show, or its a trap.”

The Judge thought a minute.  “Coogan, he’s trying to capture Reilly Coogan, or as he knows him, High Society. We could let him, then, Rook would keep all the villains in check.” Aaron looked at the ocean through the underwater window.  “The problem with a controlled environment is that when you introduce an unplanned element, then everything changes.  You can’t control it once it allows outsiders in.”

“Isn’t that why they’re going after High Society?”  “Yes, and we’re going to let them.  I have a weird feeling though that, he’s not the only outside element that’s on the cusp of Oceania’s future.  Rook has to know that somewhere, someone he can’t control will show up here.  That’s the fight we’ve got to prepare for, Rook won’t be ready for that. He’s too accustomed to being right to know when he’s wrong.”

The Sea Horse was right, only he hadn’t anticipated how quickly he would have to expect it.  In another part of the city, a reunion was taking place. The Wonzu was greeting an imposing masked figure.  “You are well my son?”  “Yes Mother, I’ve missed you.”  

“Why the costume?”  “It will mask my identity. For now, no one needs to know that The Wonzu’s heir is in the city.  We must not appear to even be allies for now.  This way we can work against the other factions without them suspecting.”  “It is a good plan my son.  What should I call you then?”  The hooded figure hugged his Mother.  “I am known as Armor, that is easy enough for them to remember and fear. After we’re done, it will also reflect both our strength and their weakness!”

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