The Sea Horse: Armor-ed Robbery

The Rose arrived to take his shipment, prepared, he thought for anything.  That was until two very powerful sonic blasts knocked the towering agent off his feet.  The hooded black and purple figure known as Armor introduced himself.

It was then that High Society arrived on the scene. Not one to be ignored, he attacked both parties.  Swooping down, he set off laser charges around both men. The Rose, slightly injured fired a laser blast from his Tudor cane.  Armor, unfazed, stood motionless, watching the trench coat clad flying man.

High Society thought he was caught off guard, so he went in to lift the man off the ground.  It was then that Armor caught him in some sort of force field, hurling the villain to the ground.  He then proceeded to pick both men up in that same field, thrashing them at a nearby building.

Once they were both unconscious, he turned to look at the ongoing crowd.  “Oceania, you’ve seen what I can do, fear me.  As for the criminals of this city, I’m now the boss.  To Oceania’s protector The Sea Horse, I look forward to tossing you back into the ocean.”

The villain then lifted himself and the shipment from the ground and flew away.  All of this was viewed on Rook’s monitors. “Move in and contain the area.  Revive the Rose, leave High Society in place, we’ve got worse problems.  Reach The Sea Horse, it’s time for a hero.”

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