Routine Improvement

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A routine is a series of actions regularly performed. It can refer to everyday life, a computer program, even a comedy act. Great comedians have built careers on famous routines. It will begin as a habit, but it will give birth to so much more. A routine is a pattern that produces something that is enhanced through repetition on a continual basis.

Some people’s routines are much different than others. The race car driver routinely goes faster than the average driver because of his vocation. He didn’t always do that, but it has become part of his routine. Over time, the speed at which he’s comfortable will advance, as does his skill.

In other words a person can develop things, that over time, cause them to regularly perform the extraordinary. Winning fights that would cripple others is routine for ultimate fighters. When we hear the word routine, we think of monotonous actions. Yet we can forget that repetition in exercise builds muscle, practice enhances a musician’s skills, and repetition improves the speaker’s delivery.

Routine can either be boring or life altering. It all depends on what your routine is. Are you wanting to learn a new skill? A language, a craft, or a new career? If so, the old proverb says that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

No matter how far away your goal, you need to ask yourself this. Is it impossible, or improbable? Is it achievable? If not, it’s a pleasant dream like Tom Sawyer’s pirate raft. If it’s reachable, you can take a seat with Walt Disney.

What he achieved was highly improbable, building an empire on a mouse. He went bankrupt three times, and had to ask his brother’s help. Together they achieved what appeared to be a very unrealistic vision, what’s your improbable dream?

Once you determine that it’s doable, is it worth it? Will the commitment needed be worth the results? If the answer is no, discard it, and look for a new project. If the reward will add true value to others, will make you a better person, and inspire hope, go for it.

Start by finding a routine way to learn your skill. Routine improvement comes from repetitive practice. Magicians set with cards in their hands, absentmindedly doing moves until they’re automatic. Find a way to turn your desire into a habit, your habit into a routine, and your routine into a pathway. Once you’ve arrived, share your journey, and teach others about your routine.

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