The Sea Horse: Rook Exits

“Where were you, crawled up around a branch somewhere?”  “Making fun of names now? That’s funny Chess Piece, I’m going to call you Chess Piece from now on.  I was staying away from your production.”

“We know that the British Rose is neither English nor evil, he’s your guy.  You’re the mysterious ‘Organizer’, so tell me how many crime syndicates do you run?”  

“It’s a shell, we set up a shell, maintain it just long enough to ensure people get permission before anything big.  This way we can usually say no, or be ready to stop them after saying yes.  It works in smaller locales, I had hoped it would work here.”

The Sea Horse looked at the agent, then he looked at the dock.  “This city has never liked handling, even though they’ve tried it since its inception.”  The agent walked to view the water.  “We know about Norm Silva, he was a good man.  I’m guessing his family called you in.”

“Norm Silva thought this town could do some good.  He’s part of why I’m here, to give him justice, but also to see that his dream continues.  I’ll work with you, but not for you.”

“You won’t work with me, I’m leaving for Washington.  If he recovers quickly, you’ll work with the Rose.  I’ll check in from time to time, to see how my ‘chess pieces’ are doing.

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