1939, it was the year that Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Gone With The Wind, and The Wizard Of Oz hit the silver screen.  Batman was created, Hewlett Packard was founded, and Lou Gehrig retired.  Marvin Gaye, Ray Stevens, and Neil Sedaka were born that year; as were John Cleese, Lily Tomlin, and Tina Turner. 

It was also the year World War II started. Hitler invaded Poland, Roosevelt laid the cornerstone for the Jefferson Memorial, and Einstein wrote the letter that lead to the Manhattan Project. This project would see the creation of the Atomic Bomb that would, much later, end the war with Japan.  The same year the problem started, the solution was provided.

It was a year of highs and lows, an illustration of something we encounter every day.  In this life, at any given moment, those around us may be celebrating or hurting.  A loved one may be ill, a very personal financial crisis may be happening.  If we’re not careful, we may be so focused on our own issues, that we may miss a chance to help someone else.

As humans, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own good or bad, that we lose sight of the needs of others.  We don’t intend to, like 1939, there’s just a lot going on.  However just as then, the events of everyday will have lasting impressions on the lives of those around us.  

That year saw one more historical event, the release of the animated short, Peace On Earth. It was a story about rebuilding society based on a Bible found in the rubble of a bombed building.  People were looking for peace then, and they need it today.  

The story wasn’t overly religious or heavy handed, it was simply a message of hope.  If you and I can take a few minutes each day to listen to the needs of others, to share a smile, to bear one another’s burdens, we can make a huge difference.  It will let them know that someone cares.

While their world is crashing down, and problems are invading their lives, they’ll know they can make it. They’ll realize they are not alone.  It may not be as simple as clicking together ruby slippers, but with the help of friends, they can make it down that yellow brick road.  

Whatever you’re facing this morning, take heart that God has placed people in your life who care.  As that alleviates your worries, help today to ease someone else’s burden.  You don’t have to rescue them, or solve all their problems, you just have to show them they matter.

1939 was a golden era in one sense, and the start of a horrible tragedy in another.  Even then, heroes rose up to defy Hitler, and countries began the March to freedom.  You and I have a mission today, to better someone’s day.  One kind word may be the first step which turns a tragic day into the start of something beautiful for those around us.

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