The Sea Horse: Freedom


Nicolai walked into the Rose’s hospital room in Rook’s old office.  “He finally got Assistant Director I see.”  The Rose smiled. “Now I’m Agent in charge of theatrics as you use to call it.”  “Yes, and I’m here to get you to fire a cast member.” 

“You want me to leave your protege the Sea Horse alone?”  “Oh no, he can take care of himself, I trained him.”  “You trained Rook too, and he trained me.”  Nicolai leaned on his new cane.  “You’re not at odds goal wise, you’ll work out the methods. I’m here to free someone from Rook’s witness protection.”

“Elisabeth Houston, why? You knew her parents? Nicolai, is there anyone you don’t know?” “Yes, the President’s fifth cousin. We’ve never met in person, but we are pen pals.”  “Was her Dad working for you all along?”  

“I won’t answer that, just as I won’t break my promise to you, even if you say no.” “I won’t say no, you know that, but you’re going to have to take the call when Rook starts screaming.”  Nicolai turned to leave, and then stopped momentarily. “After you’ve pushed through the paperwork and he calls, say the word Warsaw and hang up.”

A few days later, tears ran down her face, she was finally free.  She got in her car, drove to the hospital, and knocked on Aaron’s door.  “How about dinner?” He came around the desk and hugged her.  “How?  Did they work out a deal?”

“You didn’t do this?  I thought Nicolai was working with you.”  “Nicolai, that makes sense, but he didn’t do it for me.  You must not know, he did it for your Grandmother.  Let’s go to dinner, we have a lot to talk about.”

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