Psalms 127:2
It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.

A man, or woman, slips out of bed.  They head to the kitchen, make the coffee, take a comfortable chair, and they wait. They’re in no hurry, they are letting their loved one sleep.  It’s the closest human analogy we can get to this Scripture.

David knew what it was like to lay on the cold, dark, hard floor of a cave.  Many times he had to go to sleep somewhere that night, and flee to another hiding place before the morning light. Even in the scariest of times, he found rest.

The reason for this, The God who’s heart he was after, watched after his. David’s name meant beloved, and God was giving His beloved child sleep in the midst of chaos.  The Lord, who is no respecter of persons, still performs this nightly ritual without fail for us.  Someone even more precious than the Angels watches over our nights. 

When a loved one is hurting, we feel so helpless.  We pray, “Lord, if they could just get to sleep, they’d have rest from their pain.”  He hears, and grants our request, knowing firsthand the power of it.  After all, He created rest with us in mind.

After six days of Creation, the Invincible God wasn’t tired, yet He rested, establishing a principle.  He stayed Himself from activity to illustrate a very important fact.  The God that we love, that made all things, knew we would need rest. It was a physical reference to the rest He wanted to give us through His Spirit.

So many today are hurting, they stay up late trying to figure a way out of their troubles.  We get up early when worry invades our waking thoughts.  However, God has something better for us, in the midst of our battle, no matter what we are facing.  He has established a rest for His people, both a spiritual, and a natural one.  

The Lord knows that every night won’t be perfect, that there would be some sleepless nights.  His beloved David also said that “my sore ran in the night, and I refused to be comforted.”  The Lord realizes there will be sleepless nights, He spent many of them Himself, on earth in prayer.

The Bible talks in many places of The Lord Jesus spending all night in prayer. Was He ignoring His own counsel? No, He was doing in the flesh, what He had always done before becoming a man, prior to wrapping Himself in flesh.  Christ wasn’t missing sleep for His sake, He was praying for us. Just as He interceded for David in the cave, for the Disciples through the storm, and last night for that financial problem you’re facing.  He was working while we were resting.

He also took a nap on the boat when He needed rest.  I submit to you today, there’s no greater place to rest, than on a vessel manned by your loved ones.  He wasn’t worried about the storm, He knew its capacity.  He also knew the boating skills of His Disciples.  

He was on their boat, but they were in His ocean, it would be all right.  Today, rest assured, your Beloved is captaining your boat.  Jesus can still the waters, He made them. 

He let you sleep in this morning, as He sent the moon off to bed, dismissed the nightly stars, and greeted the sun. Whatever you’re facing, trust today that He’ll bring you through. Then tonight, yawn, go to bed, dismiss your worries, and greet your dreams.  He’s blessed you, His precious child, with beloved sleep, and it’s time for a long, quiet rest.

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