You are vital to those in your life, you may not realize it, and you may not recognize it, but you are.  Perhaps something has happened that has hampered your self worth.  When your self confidence is at its lowest, and you are weak, temptation whispers, “They only care about what I do, and not who I am.” Today, I wold like to refute that lie, because it can destroy  you if it lingers.

 What you do isn’t separate from who you are.  You are far more to those who care for you than your skills and abilities. Are there some shallow people in the world who are only concerned with their own needs? Yes, but they are not in your core group.  The people who you interact with on an individual level see how important you are to their lives.  

What we forget is the fact that our abilities communicate our feelings.  When a child is born, how does it know it’s loved? Because it’s Mom and Dad feeds, clothes, and cradles them.  As they get older they’ll learn to appreciate their parents for their personalities, but that’s not how we learn.

As a Christian, we were the same way.  We knew God loves us by the act of His death on Calvary.  We learned to appreciate so much more about Him, but it started with the act of the Cross.  The Lord didn’t mind that, He invites us to the foot of the Cross, and walks with us through a life of relationship.

As part of a Leadership team, I can tell you, your Leader values you.  Leaders are fueled by passion, they know firsthand the pitfalls and the heartache of feeling alone, and under appreciated.  They know this because they’ve been there themselves. That is why they invest so in the care of those around them, laboring to ensure we all know how much they cherish us.

That’s what The Lord Jesus did with Simon.  He told Him, prior to the denial, “Simon, the enemy wants to destroy you, but I have prayed for you.” God was saying, The One you saw pray for the leper that was made whole, is praying for you.  The Blind Eye Healer is interceding for you. Jesus, who knew no sin, knew what it was like to feel uncared for, and that was something He never wanted any of us to experience.

Before the rooster ever crowed, Christ spoke to reassure, and to drown out the torment that would echo in Simon’s heart.  “Peter, you will deny me, but it’s going to be okay.”  God knew Peter loved Him for more than what He could benefit from Him. Jesus wanted to remind Simon that He had loved Simon first.  

An even though, after his denial, Simon Peter’s self worth was at Rock bottom, Christ made sure He had hope. After the Resurrection, Jesus told them, “Go tell my Disciples, even Simon”, to meet me.  In other words, It’s okay Peter, I still value you, you are more than your mistakes.”

So are you by the way, whatever action or event has made you doubt your importance to others doesn’t remove you from the hearts of those you love.  Will there need to be repair and restortion in some cases, of course.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.

Simon was valuable to The Kingdom, not just what He did, but who he was.  An yet, because of who he was, he did what he did.  The same God that loved him, gave him the keys to the Kingdom. You may not think that your abilities are that important to you or others.  Except that God gave them to you, and gave you to those around you.  Don’t let mistakes, events, or a low sense of self worth rob you of your vitality.  

Wherever you are, you’ve been placed there on purpose.  Whatever you do, those skills were given to you by The Master.  Who you are may not look like much to you, but He made you.  God only makes treasures, their value may sometimes be hidden, but He also makes treasure seekers.  Christ placed people in your life to recognize how precious you are, even when you don’t.  The One that journeyed to save you sent others to value you. He sent them to you to accomplish what is vital to their survival, to do the one thing that only you can do.

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