The Sea Horse: Easter In Oceania

The question had been asked to Henry by a young patient, “Do heroes go to Church?” His answer was, “A better question is How could they not?” He would remember that later in the day. Henry and Carla joined their adopted son and his girlfriend for Easter morning services and dinner. Afterwards Elizabeth and Henry noticed that Aaron had slipped away from the group.

“I’ve been gone for so long, do you check on him or me?” Henry smiled, “Let me for old times sake. I expect he’ll be your responsibility from now on.” Henry wasn’t as strong as he used to be, but he could still climb the tree that lead to the roof. He found the young man that had become part of their family staring at the ocean. Ever since Aaron was a teenager, this was their spot.

The two men just stood there silent for a few minutes. While physically opposite, the two were very much alike. The older African American Chief Of Staff and the young caucasian doctor loved the sea. “So what brings you up here when the woman you’ve been wanting to date is in the kitchen?”

Aaron smiled and pointed upward. “Him and them. I was thanking Him for giving her back to me, and wishing they were still here.” “Reagan and your Mother were very special, I miss them too.” “I was also asking a question. Is it too early to give Elizabeth, I mean Leah this?” He showed Henry his Mother’s ring.

“I don’t think so, considering all you and Leah Wanda have been through.” “Speaking of that, why do you always reference her middle name Wanda?” Henry laughed. “Now who’s going to be nostalgic. Her Grandmother and namesake, Wanda, introduced Carla and I. Did you tell her about her?”

“I did, she had always suspected it. Her Dad tried to protect both of them.” “He succeeded, even if he risked his life in the process.” “How can I ask her to marry me in the middle of all this chaos?” Henry had been waiting for that question. He knew it was the one Aaron had been asking himself ever since they could date again.

He pointed out at the harbor. It’s Easter, a reminder that you don’t wait for peace to live, you have peace because new life was given. God doesn’t intend for you to fight this battle alone, that’s why you have all of us.” Aaron smiled, relieved at the answer. “I haven’t said it in a while, but thank you for helping me. I’m not just talking about the night you rescued me, but each day after it too. I’m glad you’re always there.”

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else. Easter isn’t just about a one time rescue, it’s about a life of freedom. You have a job to do, and to Oceania you are a hero, but your shoulders aren’t strong enough to carry it all, neither are mine. That’s why Heroes go to Church, not because they are perfect, instead because they know The One that is.”

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