Outrunning Your Boulders


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Wikimedia Images

In life, you will touch many things, dabbling in this or that hobby, but your steps will be more telling.  Your steps reveal how you spend your productive hours.  So I ask this question, if something is important enough for you to step into, why not put your all weight behind it? 

If we’re not careful we can allow events to make a bigger impression than we do.  Whether I’m the catalyst of the situation, or the recipient of the impact, I have a choice. I can either let it move me, or I can move it.

Leaving the emotion out of what occurred, ignoring for a minute if it is good or bad, we’ve got to make a decision.  Will those I’m impacting remember how this affected me, or how I reacted to it?  In life, we may not always be prepared for what happens, but we can be ready to answer it.

This doesn’t mean that we will never be blindsided by something, we will. No one in this life will be untouched, unhurt, or unaffected by something.  What we can be however, is unstoppable, undeterred, and undefeated by it.

Whether it’s spiritual, financial, educational, or career related, you face something today.  Regardless of what it is, you can be the Indiana Jones of your adventure.  He wasn’t perfect. He hated snakes, who can blame him? He got hurt a lot really, but people don’t remember what he faced nearly as much as what he stood for.

You don’t have to be the biggest or the best. We cherish the footprints of a little baby, and they’re the smallest in the room. No one is looking for the most handsome or the strongest to step up, just someone to stand in the gap. 

What you do have to do is finish the course. People won’t quit, if you don’t. Children succeed when their parents get up every day and confirm the importance of a child’s dreams.

Businesses rise when one employee cares enough to go the extra mile. Communities are revitalized through one volunteer adding her voice to those around her.  Governments are changed when good people care enough to run for office.  Whatever your journey, no matter your adventure, lean into it.

Shoot the guy with the sword, grab the treasure, out run the boulder, and reach for the prize. Whether the situation is as small as shutting down a near sighted fear of failure, or something of epic proportions like getting your degree you can succeed.  Take the next step, it may not seem like much, but each one moves you closer to your goal.

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