Hope Crafted


Romans 5:5

And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

Hope produces confidence, first in God, and then in us.  It’s not a factory, this doesn’t happen on an assembly line.  Hope is handcrafted, I know this for two reasons.

First, it is a product of God Himself.  Anything that is created by The Master is a work of art, something formed by The Creator of the Heavens.  After all, this is The One who created Rembrandt, Edison, and Michael Jordan. He creates beauty and brilliance, making individuals as unique as snowflakes. 

Second, because according to this verse, Hope is a product of the heart.  It is here that it is born through The Spirit Of God bathing our hearts in His love, this is our Hope. This is our strength, knowing that The God who loved us enough to rescue us is strong enough to carry us through.

To hold us, not only until the end of our days, but to the end of days.  He was powerful enough to redeem you, He’s merciful enough to keep you, and He’s promised to return for you.  Take heart today, for there is where your Hope is produced.  

You’re story, though it may seem messy right now, is a work of art in the hand of The Master.  He knows how to fix that black mark you left on the canvas.  He’s fixed my mistakes so many times, I know He can fix yours.  You and I are products of Hope, crafted by Genius, made with love. 

It’s because of God that we can be confident, not only in Him, but in ourselves through Him.  On our own, we would surely mess things up, but when God is in your corner, anything is possible!  He is not only who we hope in, He is working in us. 

Hope today because God has enabled and empowered you to accomplish your goal.  There is a bridge you must cross, and an enemy who stands in your way, it looks difficult. Until you remember that The God who gave you the map, built the bridge, trained you, and is standing with you.  Then you start to feel a little sorry for your opponent, he’s the one who has no hope.

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