The Sea Horse: Corporate Shark


He found himself in the middle of another fight with a new foe.  This one had an ice blue face mask, silver costume, cape, and boots.  He also had some sort of a punch fighting like a small one man army.  Calling himself Carbuncle, he had gloves that produced a stinging smokescreen.

It not only engulfed those around him, the effect caused pain as well.  Sea Horse had to alter his blows, attacking, then repositioning to attack again.  The surge sent shockwaves through his body, but his mask was able to adjust and channel away the energy.  

The Sea Horse went in for the capture shot, caving in the ground underneath Carbuncle with his double fisted blow.  This stunned the villain long enough for Sea Horse to emit his sonic kick, knocking the man unconscious.  He deposited Carbuncle at police headquarters and headed back to base.  

The morning was supposed to start with the villain’s arraignment, not his release.  An yet, Isaac Robinson walked out a free man.  It was amazing what a 100,000 would do.  He liked this city, and it’s perks.  The con man turned megalomaniac decided he’d stay. ‘After all’, he thought, ‘every ocean needs a predator, and I’m the shark this city needs.’

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