The Sea Horse: The Elite


The Elite, as they had been dubbed, stood looking at the rubble of Armor’s latest exploit.  It was Wes Kane’s first skyscraper, Kane Towers.  “You still think we’ve got a handle on this city cousin?”

“Drop the tone in your voice cousin, I’m not one of your scared employees.  I’m family, and I taught you better than that.  Family works together when no one else can. I have a plan.  Agent Rook let me down, but this Carbuncle is promising. Let’s go.” 

With that Martha Hilbrite and Wes Kane got in the limo and left.  Martin Potts, the power broker didn’t leave, it was his job next.  He had to do what ‘The Elite’ refused to do, deal with the mess.  Oh Martha made guesses as to what would happen next, but refused Martin’s plans at the same time.  

Her theory was that this Carbuncle would seize the vacuum of power Rook’s failure had left.  This way, Armor and High Society would be subdued by the new machine, and they wouldn’t get involved.  Martin was through with guessing games, he was acting.

Another limo pulled up, with a Mother and son inside.  “You have what we want?”  “Yes,  can you make what I want happen?”  “Of course we can.”  “How can I be sure?”  They handed him an iPad as he watched twenty million dollars leave his bank accounts.

He smiled, handed it back and said, “Worth every penny.  Make this city mine again.”  “No, we will make this city ours, and allow you to play in it.”  Potts stood there plotting how he was eventually going to take them down also, as they drove away.

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