Beauty In The Struggle

No one likes to struggle, whether its financial, physical, or mental, it’s not something we plan to do. The danger though is, if we’re not careful, we can miss the beauty in the struggle.  The greatest lessons I’ve ever been taught, the  strongest examples in my life, were from people in the midst of a battle.

The pain was not pretty, the hurt, the tears, none of that held any joy, please don’t misunderstand.  The anguish isn’t what is so glorious, but the endurance and the victory are.  In articles like this, our minds gravitate towards life altering battles we’ve witnessed, and those are so powerful.

However, this morning, let’s look at the smaller ones.  The Parents that struggle to make the budget match the bills.  The Pastors who patch up their vehicles to keep them running because the Church has a need.  The school teacher who could make more in almost any other industry, but chooses to teach anyway.

How many kids get a full meal because their parents limited their own dinner each night? What about that Mother who buys her children clothes, maybe not from the best store, but sees they have a new outfit for Easter? In our pursuit of the brass ring, do we forget to be grateful for the metal rings that hold what we already have together?

Again, don’t misunderstand, I think anyone who betters themselves should be applauded and rewarded.  What I am saying, is because I am human, it’s sometimes too easy to forget the reward in the resistance.  Muscles are grown under pressure, character is forged in trials.

We appreciate the carefully cut diamonds in rings, but it’s the beaten or melted, and formed gold that holds them in place.  President’s in history were proud to be sharecropper’s sons.  They’re position was a direct result of the path their parents walked.

In your struggle today, who’s watching you?  What child, or grandchild will overcome life jarring situations because of your everyday victories? It’s easy to see yourself as being all alone in the sea, but you’re not.  You’re not drowning, you’re teaching someone else how to swim.  

To all of you today who are overworked, underpaid, and exhausted, thank you.   Thank you for your everyday sacrifice.  Thank you for not being selfish, and for putting our needs above your own.  You may think those calluses and blisters are not attractive, but to those of us who are the recipients of your struggle, they are the among the most beautiful sights we’ve ever seen!  

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